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GYNOUG/Wings of Wor Review
If it weren't for Mark L. Bussler of Classic Game Room, I don't think I'd still be working on my Sega Genesis/MegaDrive collection today, because he keeps my passion for the system alive. A couple of years ago, he reviewed a game called GYNOUG for the european MegaDrive, and I loved the review of it, and only he could've made me want to check out or get interested in a game such as this one, so recently, I went and looked to see if this game ever got a US release, and sure enough it did. But over here, it was called Wings of Wor. And the game is even more fun than it looked in the CGR review. I found myself liking it alot. It's also quite challenging, and it also looks and sounds like a game that Capcom would have put out. It wasn't by Capcom, it was by NCS/Masaya, but I can't help but be reminded of Capcom when I play it.
The game is one of those vertical scrolling shooters, where you play as a manly dude with angel wings flying around battling a bunch of monsters on a distant planet
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Seriously, all of you who keep trolling me and trying to humiliate me to make me look bad get the fuck out of my life, leave me alone and let me be already. I'm tired of this crap. You are the ones who started hassling me first! I never heard of any of you motherfuckers before you started antagonizing me over the things you antagonize me over, including my business with other people I used to know that had NOTHING to do with any of you. Get lost! Take a hike! Scram! Worry about your own problems already! And I won't bother dropping any of your names. You bastards know who you are. And unlike you, I have a concept of privacy and people's feelings as well. You're only doing this because of a certain Pyro who has been following me and my friends around everywhere we go on this site since February '15 when she took over as leader of that one group and blindly accused me of harassing other people there without any legit evidence, as well as being constant attention whores and copying off commissions I have people do for me (whether it be a pose I used that I came up with myself or borrowed from an already existing picture, the concept or the setting of the picture) in addition to trying to fool people into thinking a disgusting ship involving a 20-something man and a girl who's 10-12 years younger than him they support is canon when it isn't, or that he had any romantic interest in her at all period with their only evidence being some measley screenshot from one episode where she just hugged him as a way of thanking him for getting her out of a jail cell, and even go as far as to say he stopped giving a fuck about the person he was actually in love with after a certain episode of some dope's fanfiction based off the source material the characters came from as a pathetic attempt to hog the spotlight and/or defame me over your jealousy from how many people I successfully turned on to a ship I support that before I came along was hardly getting any of the support, let alone respect that it deserved.

But getting back to you punks who keep attacking me over stuff that has nothing to do with: You're only doing this to try and distract me while the people in question who have been giving me trouble on this site for the past two and a half years before any of you showed up commit more of their shenanigans and their semi-plagiarism of almost every single pic I commissioned people on here to do since I first made this account. So get the fuck out of my life and leave me alone already and find something better and more productive to do with your time for Pete's Sake.

Also, at least I don't use characters I like to harass and shitpost people, and use them to promote unity and tackle social injustice, which you also have an issue with me doing for whatever reason.


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